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DNA is the marketing extension of the New Medicine Foundation. NMF, the face of new medicine, is an organization of physicians, practitioners, patients and Healthstyle Counselors who have the vision of educating and coaching the masses into health and well being. Daunting task? Yes. Please continue.

There are people who care more about others and their health than some people care about it themselves. Indifference is one reason why some people don’t care…the lack of awareness is another. Far too often, people know only what they know and believe that what they do know is true. Today there is much concern and confusion about healthcare and traditional medicine. Why are so many people ill? Why are children suffering from obesity and chronic illness at such early ages? Anyone reading this knows someone who is sick. Toxicity is a cause, hormonal imbalance another. What about our food supply? There is a solution. The Detoxification Network of America or DNA was founded by people who care. The Founders, Management Team and Staff possess the professional credentials and experience to provide that solution. Find out more about our mission and how you can participate. 
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