Becoming a DNA HealthStyle Counselor

If you ask anyone what the two biggest issues are on their mind these days, their answers will most likely be healthcare and the economy. Although we cannot repair the nation, we can offer you a dynamic opportunity to take part in a healing experience and a lucrative career.

With today’s stressful lifestyle, our bodies face the brunt of every challenge. We seem to ingest things that don’t belong in our systems in the first place. These things are called toxins and they encumber our digestion, circulatory, respiratory, liver functions and so much more. Even brain chemistry, energy, performance and mood can suffer as a result. Years of ingesting these toxins are seriously taking a toll on our health.

We cannot re-engineer the past, however we can begin today to dramatically cleanse and fortify our bodies and our future. Enter the Detoxification Network of America — a health network providing solutions, education, a support system and for those who want to share our mission with others, a rewarding financial lifestyle.

Our primary objective is to administer our best science in ways that will help every client feel and function better. DNA HealthStyle Counselors make this potential a reality for everyone they meet. Wellness and the ability to sustain it is what we at DNA promote.

If you’d like to improve the quality of your life, health and personal wealth while affecting the same in the lives of others, then becoming a DNA HealthStyle Counselor is exactly what you are looking for.

So, what's next?  What are the requirements?

There are four simple steps in the process of becoming a HealthStyle Counselor.  

  • 1.  You must become a product of the product.  There is no better qualification than to have participated in one of our programs personally.  Accordingly, each applicant must enroll and complete a minimum of our Basic program.  

  • 2.  Successfully complete and pass our HealthStyle Counselor proficiency review... a simple task once you have completed the Basic program.

  • 3.  Pay an enrollment fee and an annual recertification fee.*

  • 4.  Lastly, complete initial training which reinforces your experience with the DNA program and facilitates the communication of the program benefits to everyone.  The whole world is sick... everyone needs our help.  Through coaching and educating, you can attain substantial improvement not only in your health, but your financial situation as well.  

So why is there a cost to me?

What value do you place on your health?  The DNA career not only improves your health, but enables you to earn by continually marketing the program.  Consider this... tuition at any two year program, becoming a LPN (licensed practical nurse), cosmetology or barber school, paralegal, dental hygienist, long and short haul truck drivers, nutritionists, auto repair specialist and multiple other careers require the payment of a fee.  Most of them are between $5,000 and $20,000.  For considerably less you can participate in the world of healthcare, and make the world a better place.  

Why wait?  Begin a new career today.  Contact us about becoming a HealthStyle Counselor today?

*Currently waived until further notice

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