Compensation Plan


Income as a DNA HealthStyle Counselor is derived from fees paid for client support, information and counseling. You will be paid as an Independent Contractor (1099-MISC). Our compensation plan rewards productivity and dedication. The plan is revenue based. A career as a HealthStyle Counselor is fulfilling in terms of health and lifestyle. 

The DNA Compensation Plan is fair and generous. It allows for rapid promotion based upon productivity and commitment. The organization provides the opportunity to advance through several positions, each position offers a support fee based upon the complexity of the program purchased from New Medicine Foundation. The positions are: Healthsyle Counselor, Senior HealthStyle Counselor and Executive HealthStyle Counselor.


Career Path:


  • HealthStyle Counselors are paid a support fee for education and counseling provided to the client during their respective NMF program. You will be promoted to the next position of Senior HealthStyle Counselor upon reaching $30,000 in total revenue to NMF. There is no time limit to accomplish this requirement.

  • Senior HealthStyle Counselors will receive a substantial increase in support fees according to the fee schedule.* You will be promoted to the next position of Executive HealthStyle Counselor when you have reached $60,000 in revenue to NMF. Again, no time limit for this requirement.

  • Executive HealthStyle Counselors are paid our highest support fees.


*The support fee schedule is accessible through the HealthStyle Counselor's back office. Contact us for more information.  


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