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The important thing about NMF is action.


People in developed countries with modern medicine and modern food supplies, are now in desperate need of decisive, fast action to get them to optimal health and maintenance of their full, genetic potential. The clock is ticking faster than everyone suspects.


The key thing to the staggering, human successes of NMF doctrine and protocols is that NMF understands time is of the essence, and that risks to a man or woman or youth of early death, disability, chronic, lifelong disease, financial ruin, injury or death by medicine, and all sorts of other risks, are going up at ever increasing rates. Being 20 or more pounds overweight and continuing to eat in the way of ignorance, is a time bomb waiting to go off, and most people, even the affluent for whom it is assumed have a better chance, have already or will be blown to smithereens, this year, and they will never know how abundantly they could have lived and how much of a blessing they could have been to the world and the people they love. NMF is the doorway to the abundant living, NOW! I've been an 'insider' in the supplementary health industry for over a decade. The more I think about it, NMF is about action. It's not about newsletters, pontification, and selling products, its a new, human movement through which a man, woman, or youth can stop their own, personal trending toward chronic illness, and choose to live in a new, abundant way, even if they have almost lost belief.

This may sound hyperbolic, but I actually believe NMF is the most important movement in the world. Period.

Jerry File Jr. - Ridgeland, MS

Over half of my 62 years have been spent as a marketing professional. I have been blessed with health and success. I am grateful not only for the career path available through DNA but that I have experienced first-hand the amazing results of the New Medicine Foundation healthstyle protocol. I feel great (I've lost 45 pounds)! People say I look great but most importantly, I am medication free and enjoying organic nutrition. DNA has changed my life. I plan to tell the world about this healing solution. Another wonderful purpose has been added to my existence. It's exciting to know that I am compensated for helping others. Everyone should consider being a part of this mission."

Bobby T. - Palm Beach Gardens, FL

"My goals are lofty. I want to heal the world! DNA has given me a platform to profess my experience and belief in the face of New Medicine. I anticipate that this career will be the most rewarding. Join us in this... The New Human Movement."

Patti J. - Palm Beach, FL

I have worked in the fitness field for over 20 years and never thought the day would come when I did not have my health!  The last 5 years has been filled with hypothyroidism, weight gain, premature ovarian failure, high cholesterol and chronic fatigue!  In my mind all I could think was "what in the world is happening to me!".  The one thing I did know was that the traditional "write me a prescription healthcare" was not for me!   

That is when I found DNA!  They gave me the help I was looking through complete bloodwork and saliva testing.  With this information they were able to determine contributing factors to my poor health and then guided me through a detoxification and purification program.  Knowing what was wrong gave me the motivation to the complete the program.    My personal goal is not to merely exist in the world but to live an exciting life!  I am so happy to say that I am living my goal through the help of DNA!

Dianna Orr

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