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The Detoxification Network of America is an organization of health-minded people called HealthStyle Counselors. Our primary responsibility is to introduce the health style protocol developed by the New Medicine Foundation. NMF was created to provide natural and efficient health solutions backed by evidence-based scientific data. In a world plagued increasingly by epidemics of chronic adult and childhood diseases, NMF strives to fill gaps in the natural information being sought by growing numbers of patients and physicians. While many other organizations exist that are providing new and natural information, no standards have been created and sufficient, real-world solutions have not been available... until now.   

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NMF is teaching a new awareness beginning with the confrontation of scientific evidence documenting the inability of traditional medicine to efficiently preserve and effectively sustain human life. Standard healthcare methods focus on expediency, and illness is often dealt with using synthetic solutions and invasive surgery. 

Through proper medical investigation, guidance, and education, optimal health can happen naturally in most situations. The human body has evolved to sustain itself and its life force, not to increasingly degenerate and develop illness as is now most commonly seen. Through DNA, the New Medicine Foundation will educate millions of people to understand and identify the true causes of symptoms, disease and healthcare problems. We exist to address the epidemic of chronic illness and to improve health naturally. 

NMF Theory 

The Cause: Toxins Everywhere! 

NMF believes the number one problem with everyday health and the largest known contributor to the epidemic of chronic illness is increasing toxicity. Since the Industrial Revolution, the Western consensus has been to create more synthetic, new-to-nature chemicals which, over time, build up in the body. Our inherent detoxification processes do not know what to do with these chemicals. As a result, direct and indirect health problems occur. As our food supply has become less natural, increasing toxic burden over the last few decades, when combined with the nutrient deficiencies of our current diets, further compounds our health problems. 

The Effect: 

Many toxins contain complex properties that affect different people in different ways. Most create a combination of neuro-endocrine disruption (imbalanced hormones), oxidative stress (aging) and inflammatory responses. In return, these hormonal imbalances and inflammatory responses cause other imbalances and symptoms that are then diagnosed as illness. The illness worsens as more undesirable compounds are used for symptom control, while the primary imbalances are left uncorrected. This has spawned the downward spiral of traditional healthcare and contributed to our current epidemic of chronic disease. 

NMF Philosophy 

At the dawn of the new millennium, humanity finds itself in its most serious crisis of recorded history... one which threatens our very existence. Our failing health and healthcare system is at the heart of this crisis. Our reliance on synthetic solutions for every aspect of life and health is quickly putting our survival in jeopardy while polluting the very world that sustains us. The New Medicine Foundation teaches the return to a completely natural and harmonious way of life with organic healing systems that efficiently and effectively restore a healthy balance to our bodies quickly, thus reversing and preventing disease. This teaches a way of life that will also re-educate our race to live in peace with nature. Exercising a more natural healthstyle is a necessity for our survival and longevity. 

New Medicine Foundation rises out of necessity and will continue to educate the public concerning what ‘health’ means. NMF created the Detoxification Network of America to deliver this message: To live completely free from toxic exposure in any civilized part of the world is currently implausible, but the more education and empowerment, the more manageable. 

NMF Science 

The Solution: New Medicine 

Some physicians are learning to view most unnatural symptoms as signs of toxicity and that the resulting imbalances must be identified and corrected. By looking at health markers even without symptoms and with current technology, most illnesses can be prevented years, even decades before some of the most common diagnostic symptoms arise. Most of the time this can be done organically without the use of ever increasing amounts of synthetic chemicals and invasive procedures. 

With specific focus on organic detoxification, hormonal regulation and proper nutritional balance, NMF physicians take people through a healing process as their bodies’ imbalances are corrected. When symptom controlling medications can be discarded, the body’s normal functioning and feeling improves and the health cycle then repeats more efficiently.

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