With thousands of people having gone through the New Medicine Foundation Detoxification Program, questions always come up... what can I eat, are there any substitutions, what if I'm traveling.  We felt it was best to compile a list of frequently asked questions to address these issues.  Check back often as this information is updated on a regular basis.  If you have a question that is not answered here, please don't hesitate to contact the medical office.  

Please explain the reason for the three kinds of estrogen. 

We don't understand all fully, but estriol is considered the weakest and safest, estradiol, the most potent and most proliferative (problematic / carcinogenic) and estrone somewhere in the middle.  While some believe in using only estradiol to replace, we believe in a blended form though, more importantly, that nearly all women (and men, and children) are estrogen dominant/toxic and need to have the excesses removed, and be educated on their sources.   

Why is thyroid not part of the hormone test?

hyroid hormone panels are best tested in blood work.  While there used to be a saliva based test (may still be with other companies) it was abandoned a few years ago.  Some hormones are more accurate in saliva (those stored in cell fluid) and others are most accurate in blood.

Are any substitutions allowed in Stage 1 from the list supplied ?

Short answer NO! The foods on the list are the only foods that do not interferer or block the hCG from mobilizing your stored fat cells. These foods are specific and low glycemic. Individual adjustments can be made from time to time on portion size depending on the patient but only by the medical office.

Do you have to drink the teas ?

Each tea has a purpose:

  • Yebra Matte- caffeine, great morning pick me up, higher in antioxidants than green tea.
  • Green tea- cleanses cells, which is the whole purpose of the detox program. 
  • Chamomile tea- great calming tea for relaxation, as reducing stress plays a major role in our bodies, helps digestion. 
  • Eleotin tea is effective for times of low sugar. This tea does not have to be consumed, but can be helpful and is a beneficial way to hydrate.

What can I order if I have to eat in a restaurant on Stage 1 ?

Order one of the wild caught seafoods from the list and order it grilled (cooked dry!). No oils or butters. For your vegetable, order a plain salad with only the approved veggies. You can use lemon as your dressing. Organic, grass fed and free range meat selections are getting much easier to find.

What kind of soap can I use ?

Organic soap or soap without any of the oils, poison or toxic ingredients (avoid Sodium Laureth/Lauryl Sulfate and Propylene Glycol). Also avoid any product with mineral oil, aluminum or talcum powder.

Why are no oils allowed on program ?

No oils are allowed because the hCG will attach to the oils rather than your stored fat cells, blocking the hCG. While oils are very important and often neglected in the SAD (Standard American Diet) during Stage I they must be avoided. In Stage II they are consumed and enjoyed. Additionally, no.

Can I have gum or mints while on hCG ?

Approved gum or mints is ‘Spry’ brand. There are other toxin/calorie free mints/gum on the market, but Spry is easy to find.

Why No Breakfast ?

During Stage I, the hCG injection in the morning will be your breakfast.The purpose is to mobilize and burn your fat to feed your body for the first several hours. You will notice if you miss the injection, you may feel hungry. The hCG is using your stored fat as energy and nutrition between dinner and lunch the next day.

How much weight can I expect to lose ?

1/2 to 1 pound a day depending on total body weight that you have to lose. Average weight loss in 3 weeks is approximately 20 lbs. Though more or less can be seen and is appropriate.

Can I do this program for 4 weeks ?

Yes, individuals may fine tune the length of time of Stage I with medical approval.

Will I continue to lose on Stage 2 ?

Yes, as the body is more balanced, metabolism has increased, and patient is more educated regarding their diet, often weight loss continues but at a more moderate rate. Stage I is intended to reset the hypothalamus.

What can I eat on Stage 2 ?

You can now eat all fruits, and vegetables (except corn and potatoes as they are actually starches). All meats, nuts, fats. Basically no starch, no sugar, no alcohol.

What happens in Stage 2 ?

Reset your hypothalamus (stabilize new hormone levels, balance, and sensitivity), and your body weight set point. This will stabilize your metabolism higher, your hunger lower.

How long does Stage 2 last ?

21 days (very strict-as it is the most important part of the program). Stage II is the ‘perfect’ way to eat. Very similar to the Paleolithic (caveman), South Beach, and Mediterranean diets.

How many meals do you eat on Stage 2 ?

Six meals daily - Breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, and small amount of protein before bed.

How long does Stage 3 last ?

This is your new ongoing lifestyle!

How many meals should I eat on Stage 3 ?

It is best to adapt Stage 2 as a normal lifestyle as it is the healthiest way to eat. Occasionally sugars, starches and alcohol may be consumed in moderation. ‘Cheat’ days can be done with proper education and guidance, thorough hydration and colon cleansing immediately following.

What should be your 6th meal of the day on Stage 2 ?

A small portion of protein and/or vegetables is acceptable. Once you reach Stage 3, and dessert is needed, focus on fruits and minimal starches/sugars.

Is there anything I should be watching out for when starting Stage 2 or 3 ?

When adding new foods to your diet watch for sudden weight gain, bloating, upset stomach- all signs your body doesn’t agree with what you ate. Add new foods slowly and weigh yourself everyday to monitor sudden large gains. Keep a food diary or mental note of what you ate the day before. This is how you truly find what your body may be ‘allergic’ or intolerant to. This is also known as an elimination and reintroduction diet.

Is exercise recommended while on the detox program ?

You may continue an exercise routine that your body is accustomed to. We recommend walking daily. If one is used to intense exercise, it may be continued but listen closely to your body and don’t overdo it. Be prepared to back down 10 to 20% if need be.

What can I use for sunscreen ?

Long sleeves and hat or shade. No lotions should be used on the body while taking hCG injections.

Can I use lotion without oils ?

No, all lotions are prohibited as they interfere and block effect of hCG. Also lotions on the skin will block any elimination of toxins through your skin. Aloe Vera is a great alternative that has been tested and found to be tolerated. Stay hydrated!

Will a small amount of cooking oil hurt ?

Yes, no oils IN or ON the body! The oils will block hCG. So please check all supplements, deodorants, liquid makeup, perfume or cologne, sunscreen, some beauty salon services (i.e. waxing, massages, etc.). Foods cook just fine in high quality pans with water and moderate heat.

Can I have frozen vegetables or fruit ?

Yes, as long as they are organic and on the list of approved foods. They also make great snacks!

Are my teas included in my water count ?

No, teas are separate. Please drink half to 1 gallon of water. Patients notice much more consistent weight loss when they drink 1 gallon of water daily compared to ½. The more total hydration the better!

Do I have to do my injection at the same time each day ?

Do your injection first thing in the morning- If you wake up at 6 am during the week do injection at 6am; if you sleep in to 8am on weekends do the injections at 8am on weekend- first thing in the am! You’ll notice soon if you miss it.

What if I work nights and my schedule is opposite from normal ?

Do the injection when you wake up to start your new day, followed by lunch 5 hours later with dinner 5-6 hours after that. Follow your ‘work’ day.

What can I have on a gorge day ?

You may have anything organic on a gorge day. It is recommended to have 6 organic meals on this day. Yes, you may have starches and sugars as long as they are organic. Enjoy and overeat as it speeds up the metabolism while the hCG gets on board. On day 2-3 you ‘pop the metabolic clutch’ and the revved up metabolism continues on the hCG mobilized fat energy.

Do I have to eat only the foods on the list on a gorge day ?

NO- you may have anything organic that you would like. Even pasta, ice cream and cookies!

Does everyone HAVE to gorge ?

Yes, gorging speeds up your metabolism and prepares your body for the detox.

Do I have to gorge if I already eat organic ?

Yes, gorging speeds up your metabolism and prepares your body for your detox.

What can I substitute for the meat if I am vegetarian ?

4 egg whites may be substituted in place of meat.

For female Patients: What do I change during my cycle ?

The only change is that you DO NOT inject hCG during your cycle but continue to follow the diet.

What if I see a small gain or no weight loss during my cycle ?

Some women experience slight gain during cycle but once back on hCG will resume weight loss. Appropriate hormonal balance will help these times.

When can I resume my hCG injections after my cycle ?

When your cycle becomes very light/spotting you may resume.

If I am not hungry can I skip meals ?

No, by skipping meals it slows down your metabolism and slows down your detoxification process. In short- you have to eat to lose! Note: Some patients have ‘shaken things up’ by skipping dinner. Hard core, but its worked though not officially recommended.

How long before bed can I eat my dinner ?

Make sure you have your dinner meal four hours before bed.

If I experience a light headedness what can I do ?

Have an apple right away. Hypoglycemic individuals should eat their fruit between meals to keep from experiencing any light headedness. Fruit is nature’s ultimate blood sugar charger, while still being low glycemic (load). An apple a day…

Can I have my fruit between meals ?

Yes, this is a great tool to utilize when first starting the program.

How or will cheating effect my detox ?

Yes!!! This program is VERY strict- weight loss will stop or you will temporarily gain. Patients who have cheated can be affected for up to 5 days from ONE LITTLE BITE! If anything, small amounts of extra organic foods on the list. If hunger or cravings are excessive, contact your HealthStyle Counselor for recommendations.

What do I do when I haven’t seen any loss in 2 days ?

If you don't see any weight loss for a 2nd day, follow diet as directed but eat light, no steak, drink 1 gallon of water, have a bowel movement, even if you need to use a natural colon cleanse or Smooth Move tea. If on day 3-4 there is still no weight loss, enjoy an apple day. Apply day involves eating only 5 or 6 organic apples during the day and only consuming enough water to quench your thirst.

Do I have to eat all 6 apples on an apple day ?

No, 6 is the max but do not stress if you can’t eat all 6 apples try to eat at least 4-5.

What colon products do you recommend ?

Please contact the medical office. There are several that the New Medicine Foundation has tested and approved. Colonics are the gold standard and a course of three treatments during Stage 1 is very helpful and diagnostic for colon blockage.

How can I get all the liquid out of my hCG vial ?

Remember that only the tip of the small needle is open- so you must be withdrawing the needle from the vial slowly so by the end you only have the tip inside the vial to withdraw every last drop.

How much should I have withdrawn to be considered a full dose ?

If you have properly injected 1cc of Sodium Chloride into the PureCell hCG vial you should extract 90-100 units into the syringe daily to be considered a full dose. Don’t stress if its only 80 units, just do your best. Your HealthStyle Counselor can assist you in teaching how to become proficient. Once mastered, it is easy.

How many unloading days do I have to do ?

Everyone is different, but it is suggested that you do continue Stage I diet for two days after your last hCG injection. These are known as your ‘unloading’ days. Because hCG stays in your system for two days after the last injection, you will not want to consume anything that will interfere with these last two days. However, if hunger returns before the start of Stage 2 diet, it’s time to eat. Overall, it can vary from a half a day to 2 days or more, when Stage 2 should begin.

I’ve heard of people injecting testosterone. What is the difference between injectable testosterone and the pill form ?

Injectable is synthetic, mixed with unwanted oil, and creates low natural testosterone levels, creates further imbalances in other hormones, and severe highs and lows. We prescribe a bio-identical which is plant based, easily absorbed as it dissolves past the liver due to the fiber inside (time release), balanced with appropriate amounts of DHEA and progesterone for other total body/organ health issues, easy, and 'just another vitamin' your body needs. The comparison is night and day.

Can fibromyalgia or depression cause a change in leptin levels ?

It’s the other way around. Hormonal imbalances cause our 'symptoms.’

Can certain medications such as Lexapro affect leptin levels ?

Yes, all medications are toxic and most worsen the underlying hormone imbalances.

What is a normal leptin level ?

Less than 10 for a woman (and as low as less than 1 when optimally lean). When one is fasting hardly any leptin should be circulating. As we get heavier and resistant, fasting levels climb similarly to insulin and diabetes. As leptin levels increase our cellular receptors (in the hypothalamus and elsewhere) downregulate, causing a RESISTANCE to the leptin effects. As we burn off the excess fat stores and lower the circulating leptin levels, the receptors UPregulate and our leptin sensitivity is restored. We begin to respond appropriately to the ‘stop eating’ signals.

What are toxins ?

The word, 'toxins' has become the broad term for both toxins and toxicants. They represent foreign substances that are not natural to the human body. In their own way, they can and should be viewed as poisonous, because they cause irritation, which could result in disease. In many a case, they can create symptoms, severe enough―they may even be misdiagnosed as disease.

Where do toxins come from ?

Today they are everywhere. From the air we breathe to the food and drink we put into our bodies. Our bodies can also create toxins, brought on by stress.

Why do we need to get rid of them ?

What may begin as symptoms, can affect mood, performance and general health. These conditions can easily worsen, suddenly or over a matter of time.

How does detoxification work ?

Results are consistently remarkable. Our detoxification protocol works by removing toxins and restoring health at the cellular/biochemical level. As balance is restored, the symptoms, sometimes misdiagnosed as illness, quite often diminish and may disappear completely.

Is this for everybody ?

Everyone can benefit…in different ways and for different reasons. We strongly urge you to read our ‘Who can Benefit’ section of the DNA Movement website to learn more.

I just want to lose weight, is that ok ?

Perfect. You’ll be pleased and surprised at how stress-free we make weight loss; especially when compared with what you may have tried in the past. Again, please refer to the ‘Who can Benefit’ section for more information.

What makes the New Medicine Foundation detoxification program so special?

From our one-on-one medical evaluation, guidance, and supportive coaching throughout the program, we remain personally invested in helping each and every client feel and function better. It is our mission.

How do I know which program right for me ?

The protocol is patient centric. The treatment is specific for each individual. However, we will support every DNA client to assure the best in affordable care for his or her particular needs.

What exactly is the Thyroid Pure Cell capsule I take in the morning?

BioIdentical Thyroid.  Similar to Armour Thyroid, which has the best reputation but is slowly being phased out by legal attacks of Big Pharma, and NatureThroid or WestThroid, the source is porcine (pig derived thyroid hormones, identical in molecular make-up to human).  It is the best, and cheapest, way to replace the missing thyroid hormones in the 50% of the modern population how have under active 'stressed out' thyroid glands.  Pharmaceutical synthetics are very toxic and 'over stimulating' in their effects. 

I didn’t see my question answered here, what can I do ?

We hope you’ll explore the entire website, where there’s a wealth of information. If you still have questions, please contact us. We welcome your questions. We look forward to sharing the exciting news about DNA and the ‘health style’ that you can be experiencing within a very short time.

I saw something about a career opportunity... how does that work?

People became so enthused about their results from the NMF Protocol, they wanted play a larger role in our movement. So we at DNA, with the endorsement of the New Medicine Foundation are providing a program that allows people from every walk of life to become a HealthStyle Counselor, add to their income and improve the quality of life for themselves and others. If this sounds like something you would like to be involved in, visit our Career section.

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