My amazing journey through the detoxification program: What can I say? My life now is better than ever. I started the program 2 days before Thanksgiving only because I wanted to lose 5lbs. My last day on the program I’d lost a total of 21lbs. In size, I have lost inches in places I never knew I had places. And, if you knew what I used to eat before, you’d be shocked that I could even make this change! 
Elly S. 

I’ll be honest. I was hesitant to do the program because it would require some lifestyle changes, I really didn’t want to make. I was in pretty good health and didn’t feel I needed to lose weight. My wife had already experienced success with the program over some health issues that were (somehow) not responding to chiropractics or acupuncture. So . . . to make a long story short, after some major arm-twisting (…my wife’s good at that) I dove in. Well, here’s the thing; at the end of the program, I was amazed just how awful the junk food, I normally craved, sounded to me. Next, exercise became much easier after losing the weight. I shouldn’t be surprised I guess, but I had to experience it for myself to really understand. 
Jeffrey J. F, DC 

After completing the program, I became more energized—every single day. Suddenly I realized, now, through changing my diet alone, I could feel this good the rest of my life! Can I say more here? People need to know about this. Anyone and everyone by experiencing the NMF protocol can have this, just like I did. That’s really something! 
Ashley R. 

I’m very impressed with the program for its ability to detoxify my body, while (also) resulting in weight loss. The reshaping I experienced with it was incredible! In fact, the weight that I did lose was mainly fat, and of course, the measurements proved that. It’s interesting how my body has reset itself. It seems like now it works diligently to maintain my current level. I’m truly thankful to the people at NMF for their help and support, before—during—and, after! 
Dustin S. 

I’m a Chiropractor. So, I figured I pretty much knew how to live a healthy lifestyle. But I learned so much more through the NMF detoxification protocol. Oh, and after two children, it was wonderful to lose my pregnancy weight and regain the energy I used to have. My husband and I—we’ve both benefited. But the most exciting thing? With this new lifestyle, now, even our children will be healthier! 
Heidi K., D.C. 

The staff members at NMF were terrific and they helped me every step of the way. Whatever I needed—they were only a phone call or an email away. The program was much easier than I expected; but easier still, I’m sure, because of the people who work there. I found the program was the perfect way to get my system back in order. And now, thankfully, I know how to maintain it for the future… 
Bill W. 

DNA has taught me, “how I should be eating.” For the first time, I‘ve learned what a healthy diet really is. I’ve developed a new discipline for healthy eating for the many years to come. And, I’ve even learned portion control—that I can be satisfied, eating the proper foods, and in reasonable amounts. 
Nancy M. 

If you knew me prior to this, you’d know I never cared what I was eating. Now? Hey, I’m organic . . . and I’m not going back. Plus, my mood has changed so much, I can’t remember the last I time I yelled at anybody. I’m serious. I continue to lose weight and this NMF thing has been literally life changing for me. I’m looking forward to more! 
Sam Z. 

I was an upbeat person, but I became concerned because I’d gotten to the point where I simply didn’t feel good. I’d get these debilitating headaches—about three times a week. Now, since I’ve started the program, I haven’t had one since. With all the stress going on in our lives, I still feel calm. I’m sure I wouldn’t be this calm if it weren’t for the NMF program. 
Karen B. 

My mind—my mind is just so much clearer—clearer than it ever was before. On a personal note, I feel like I’m at a starting point in my life; not an ending point. Oh and here’s something: everything tastes better, from greens to meats; even apples. 

Bill B.

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