The Science Behind DNA

Traditional medicine has come far. But in some ways, it has not kept pace with the times. Far too often, through today’s symptom based healthcare system, ‘illnesses’ are too quickly diagnosed. Introducing yet another foreign substance (more medication) into the system may not be the best solution. Toxins in the body frequently are the problem. Toxins can enter our bodies in many ways… from the foods and liquids we eat and drink or from our environment. Major culprits can be processed foods, junk foods, deep-fried foods, fast foods, preservatives, soft drinks, alcohol, cigarettes, caffeine, and a variety of sugars. Also included are chemicals and substances such as hormones and antibiotics from meats, dairy and poultry products, even fertilizers and pesticides used in farming. Plus, other chemicals used in manufacturing, cleaning solutions, painting and building supplies may prove harmful. Sadly, in the times we live in, even personal care products and popular, handy containers should be suspect. Of course, heavy metals like mercury, lead and others are always a red flag... while the list goes on. 

Surprisingly, we can also create our own toxins. Mental and emotional stress from personal loss, worry, your job, depression, divorce and finances, among others can cause the body to manufacture its own toxins. 

Additionally, a lengthy illness or hospital stay with prescribed medication, although sometimes necessary, can be toxic themselves, and may actually worsen one’s biochemical imbalances long term. To our detriment, all of these toxins may become stored in the liver and other vital organs, creating inflammation and making us more susceptible to disease. In many a case, the symptoms alone can make us feel sick. For some people it may be one or two; for others, an entire rash of symptoms, which can manifest quickly or gradually, over months or years. 

It is the mission of the Detoxification Network of America (DNA) to bring awareness of these challenges to the masses. DNA will also educate and inform them of viable solutions: Through the New Medicine Foundation Protocol, detoxification happens by removing these toxins and restoring health at the cellular/biochemical level. As balance is restored, the symptoms; many symptoms, sometimes misdiagnosed as illness, quite often diminish and then disappear completely. At DNA, we work with a diligence toward assuring you the highest quality in knowledge, treatment, counseling and personal care affordable. Detoxification is safe and recommended following initial medical clearance by an NMF physician. The NMF Protocol is patient centric… designed specifically for the individual rather than a ‘one-size-fits-all’ recommendation. Our NMF clients start by receiving testing, analysis and one-on-one medical evaluation with guidance throughout the program. Our sole dedication is to administer the best science in ways that help every client feel and function better.

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